Lab On Locale® 365

Once the operator requests an air-test, X-zam® Labs remotely takes over the LOL 365.

  1. First step is for the compressor operator to collect an oil/particulate specimen. This portion of the analysis is simple and takes just a couple of minutes.
  2. Next, the last gas quality scan is collected from the history file.
  3. Now, using the user interface, the compressor operator requests a laboratory analysis.
  4. Once the eSpecimen is uploaded, full scale laboratory instruments and live technicians work in support of interpreting and analyzing the eSpecimen data.
  5. Following all tests, records and history are stored at the X-zam® Labs cloud. This information is accessible to Lab On Locale® 365 administrators at any time.
  6. Test reports may be printed locally from an operator-owned printing device.