ABOUT Lab On Locale® 365

Lab On Locale 365

  • Air Tests On-Demand – Meeting worldwide standards
  • Constant Monitoring – Of up to 8 contaminants
  • eAlerts – Sent to unlimited devices
  • NFPA® Compliant – Satisfies air analysis requisites, including NFPA® - 1989'13
  • Web & Mobile Apps – Providing controls, test reports, & history
  • Validation – Remotely implemented by X-zam® Labs
  • Annual Calibration – Easy & quick, via swap-out modules

A Continuous Monitor

Lab On Locale® 365 is both a continuous monitor, likened to an alarm system, and it's a method to obtain 3rd-party analysis of breathing-air… in real time, receiving test results within minutes! The device hangs on any compressed air source/compressor and taps into the air stream for full vigilance 365 days/year. That translates to breathing-air compliance every day, every hour.

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Each Lab On Locale® 365 machine is given a dedicated web interface where its user(s) can monitor the air system, view historical data, use mobile controls, initiate air tests, and obtain printed reports. Lab On Locale® 365 fulfills the air analysis requirements of all NFPA®* standards, including NFPA-1989.

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* National Fire Protection Agency