Lab On Locale®

Self Sufficient:

  • Proficiencyable to provide accurate, quality & unique services.
  • Capability to Satisfy Clients (internal & external)with the same level of responsiveness as X-zam® Labs.
  • The Right Trainingso you feel confident and skillful.
  • The Right Equipmentthe list below is what you receive.


Lab On Locale® Sending Unit:

  • Sending UnitThis is where the specimens are communicated to X-zam® Labs.
  • Shipping CasePeriodically the equipment must be returned to X-zam® Labs for calibration or servicing. This case facilitates safe transportation.
  • AccessoriesAll necessary cables, cords, and accessories
  • ManualsRelated manuals, instructions, and warranties. On-line manuals require login credentials which will be provided at time of account set-up.


Computer & Other Accessories:

  • LaptopDedicated & set-up only to run Lab On Locale® software. Used for login and accessing X-zam® cloud. Software updates are done periodically and at no charge.
    NOTE: a printer is NOT provided.
  • Sampling Kits6 kits & adapters. These are used to collect client specimens. Included are a supply of filter discs and tweezers. Additional kits may be ordered.