ADVANTAGES of Lab On Locale®

  1. Abandon The Days of Transporting Samples:

    Until the advent of Lab On Locale® transporting breathing-air specimens to distant labs was the only means for obtaining purity reports.

  2. Receive Air Test Results Swiftly:

    In only minutes request the air analysis & receive laboratory documents… in a flash! Lab On Locale® can be stationed at your main location or taken to the test sites… only requires internet connection & power.

  3. Ensure Quality:

    Air & Gas product can be analyzed throughout production cycles, after maintenance procedures… thereby assuring consistent quality.

Avoid costly start-up, staffing, and equipment – the logistical barriers associated with building an air-lab.

Gone are the time lags & complications of transporting air specimens to some off-site laboratory – now a relic of the past.

Reduce the risk of consuming contaminated breathing air – possible during the gap of laboratory response.

  1. Great For Compressor Field Service:

    Now, by carrying a Lab On Locale® to service locations, technicians can obtain test results on-site… and re-test should the need arise… without ever having to leave the client's location! Makes it easy to diagnose air quality issues.

  2. Used By Compressor Manufacturers:

    Many compressor manufacturers, more and more, are relying on Lab On Locale® to prove their compressors meet safe breathing-air specs before leaving the manufacturing floor… an excellent quality assurance tool.