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About X-zam® Labs

X-zam® Laboratories, a wholly owned division of Lawrence Factor®, Inc. & established in 1989, focuses on analysis of compressed gas and breathing air. Clients come to us for expert advice as well as our quick responsiveness. It's common that, during the production of compressed breathing air & gases, clients lean on our services as a component in their quality assurance program. A prudent choice indeed… because X-zam® Labs is a Lawrence Factor®, Inc. team-member, and whose mission is focused on products making the purest of compressed air & gas.

    Employing an assorted number of methodologies X-zam® Labs carefully analyzes many species of inert & breathing gases, looking for any trace of undesirable substances.

    It may be individual to your specific needs for high purity compressed air/gas. Going undetected pollutants can have far reaching consequences.
    • Disabling workers and triggering illness, or worse.
    • Affect longevity of costly equipment, breathing apparatus, and cylinders.
    • Reduce the effectiveness of compressed air & gas product.
    • Contaminate your product.

More simply it may be that a regulatory agency requires 3rd party analysis… requirements such as those of NFPA®, OSHA®, PADI®, CSA®, CGA ®, NAVSEA®, or ISO®. X-zam® Labs conforms to the requirements of just about every agency, worldwide.

About Lab On Locale

A revolutionary means whereby compressed breathing-air/gas can be eAnalyzed & laboratory verified, and it can be done in a matter of minutes.

This break-through technology enables specimens to be analyzed in real time via electronic transmission…providing nearly instantaneous test results. This process eliminates the logistics and time lapses associated with traditional means of transporting specimens.

There are two types of Lab On Locales®, both utilizing a 2-part set of instruments:

  • LAB ON LOCALE® – Ideal for an organization wishing to offer analytical services.
    Specimens are collected and fed into a remote sending unit whereby the composition of the eSpecimen can be analyzed in real-time by live technicians at the X-zam® Labs.
  • LAB ON LOCALE® 365 – Dedicated to a single compressor or air source.
    LOL–365 features are similar to version 1 and also contain a constant monitor/alarm. This version differs in that it's dedicated to one compressed air system or compressor and has the ability to monitor 24/7. Ideal for compressed air system owners. The many features of Lab On Locale® 365 are great and varied.
About Lawrence Factor® Inc.

The origins of our company are rooted deeply in the field of High-PSI compressed air. We were founded in 1979 with the introduction of "Flask" the refillable filter cartridge SCUBA divers. In the decades since and through many technical advancements Lawrence Factor® has earned one of the most recognized names in compressed breathing-air. Our expertise continues from there with products found in a multitude of other applications such as:

  • Drying of Natural Gas (CNG) for vehicle fuel.
  • Aeronautical and Space exploration.
  • Missile Guidance Systems.
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Device production.

Still, whenever you see a breathing mask, be it in a hazardous environment, entering the scene of a smoke engulfed building, or plunging deep into watery depths… think Lawrence Factor®, the company that puts PURE breathing-air into that mask.

    The slogan "High Purity at High Pressure" perfectly sums the theme in every L-Factor™ product. Whether a filter cartridge or a length of tubing… every product was designed for use with highly compressed and highly purified gas. The theme extends to what lies behind the brand stamped on every package… a reputation for high quality & high levels of customer support. Its a reputation earned on an unending quest for dependable engineering, stout construction, and creative ideas. We understand that more than our reputation relies on these factors… peoples safety does!

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